SERVICESAbcalis® antibody services

Individualized input, scalable outcome

CUSTOMIZATIONTailor-made solutions

Abcalis® recombinant antibody services share the same character as our end products: highest quality, individual customization & adaptability.

Reshaping an entire industry takes a lot of empathy, listening and understanding. While we believe that most animal-derived reagents are a thing for days past, we also understand the transition to a high-quality and sustainable alternative, such as Abcalis® recombinant antibodies, cannot happen overnight. Individual requirements for antibody performances are different for each assay, sometimes down to the very last detail.

We at Abcalis® fully understand the challenge. Which is why we are offering a wide range of individually customizable recombinant antibody services to help pave the way towards sustainable and scalable high-performance reagents for our customers.

1. Target antigen procurement and quality control

2. Selection of antibodies in several rounds of phage display panning

3. Screening ELISA in scFv format

4. Sequencing of promising candidates

5. Cloning into full IgG format of your choice

6. Antibody production in HEK cell system

SERVICEAntibody generation

Are you facing troubles in your assays related to reproducibility?

Do you need an antibody against a new target that simply does not yet exist?

Or do you want to replace your limited batch size animal-based antibody solution?

At Abcalis® we can generate antibodies tailored to your needs from our diverse antibody phage display libraries. We take care of all steps from selection to protein production and initial validation.
The best part about it: Your final product will be completely animal-free.

SERVICEAntibody format conversion

Do you want to convert your Hybridoma into a recombinant antibody to truly immortalize it?

Do you need one of your sequence defined antibodies with a different Fc part?

At Abcalis® we can bestow your antibody with any Fc part from any species. Additionally, we have created several special formats that may be of use to you:

  • TWIN-Strep tag: antibodies that carry a TWIN-strep tag are compatible with the Strep-Tactin® purification and detection system by IBA Lifesciences.
  • Free-Cysteine: antibodes are engineered to have a free cysteine in a defined position for single covalent conjugation in a defined position.
  • HIS-tag: antibodies carrying a 6x histidine tag are compatible with all HIS-tag based purification and immobilization systems.
  • CBM3a: antibodies that carry a cellulose binding domain can be immobilized on cellulose membranes that are biodegradable in contrast to the widely used nitro-cellulose membranes.
  • CBM77 (under development): antibodies that carry a nitro-cellulose binding domain can be immobilized on nitro-cellulose membranes in a directional manner.
  • HRP: HRP conjugation is a standard in-house process for our detection antibodies and can be applied to any other.
  • Biotin: all antibodies can also be supplied in a biotinylated form.

1. Delivery of known sequence or sequencing of antibody gene

2. Delivery of DNA sample or gene synthesis

3. Primer design & PCR

4. Cloning into full IgG format of your choice

5. Antibody production in HEK cell system

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