PRODUCTAbcalis® Multiclonals™

A revolutionary new class of secondary antibodies

WHYWhy use Multiclonals™?

Abcalis® believes that the future of secondary antibodies is recombinant, sequence defined and animal free. In therapeutics, recombinant antibodies have long been the gold standard for real-world application and we do not see any reason why this should be different for diagnostics and research.

Multiclonals™ combine the best of polyclonal antisera and hybridoma monoclonal antibodies, while eliminating their disadvantages, plus they add the unlimited availability and sequence defined quality of recombinant reagents.

WHATWhat are Multiclonals™?

Our Multiclonal™ antibodies are a mixture of different, individually characterized and carefully selected recombinant monoclonal immunoglobulins. Their respective epitope binding sites do not compete with each other, providing increased signal strength in your assays.

  • Animal-free & sequence defined
  • Antibody composition completely known, can even be adapted on customers demand
  • Defined epitopes for all antibodies in the mix
  • No unknown immunogobulin content
  • 100% Batch-to-Batch consistency
  • Unlimited reproducibility

ADVANTAGESBest of both Worlds

As is the standard with all Abcalis® products, they are all completely sequence defined, implying their unlimited long-term availability and always identical test results. Their composition from a limited number of individually characterised antibodies minimizes cross-reactivity with other targets, since they do not contain non-target directed IgG like all animal-derived polyclonal sera do. This allows for a much lower unspecific binding reactivity in many assays compared to animal based products.

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