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For global distribution of our antibodies, Abcalis® trusts the longstanding expertise and excellence of our valued partners.

Find our global distributors - or ask us about custom projects

Being a young company it can sometimes get complicated when doing everything at once.

Which is why we entrust the international order deliveries to our excellent partners AdipoGen Life Sciences and Stratech Scientific.
Because we want to make sure that whenever you want to purchase our antibodies off the shelf internationally, you can be sure only the best shipping and handling care is applied.

Additionally: German domestic purchase requests can be directly handled by us, just let us know.
Our portfolio can be viewed here.


3R: Get Abcalis antibodies for free to replace an animal-derived antibody!

PETA Science Consortium International e.V., the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), and the Alternatives Research and Development Foundation (ARDF) are offering grants for free catalogue recombinant antibodies for use in research and testing, where researchers from any sector (e.g., academia, industry, or government) can apply to receive a recombinant antibody to test in their in vitro applications of interest.

Abcalis® is listed as one of the few eligible providers that meet the animal free production criteria of PETA Science Consortium International e.V.

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