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Next generation antibodies.

Breaking news!


Next generation antibodies.


  • April 20th 2021: Abcalis is proud to offer cellulose-compatible antibodies for human IgG detection in lateral flow assay (LFT). These innovative molecules can pave the way to the use of more sustainable and low-cost paper-based membranes instead of conventional nitrocellulose materials, without any reduction in sensitivity (Read more).
  • December 11th 2020: Abcalis celebrates its one year anniversary (Read more).
  • December 1st 2020: Abcalis won the Durchstarterpreis by NBank in the category “Science Spin-off” (Read more)
  • November 19th 2020: Abcalis won the Innovation prize of Göttingen in the special category “Science & Education” (Read more).
  • September 28th 2020: Abcalis won the Innovation prize of Lower Saxony in the category “Economy” (Read more).
  • September 25th 2020: Abcalis is nominated among the TOP 3 finalists for the “NBank Durchstarterpreis 2020” in the category “Science spin-off”(Read more).
  • September 15th 2020: Abcalis joins the 5th batch of Lower Saxony’s life science accelerator by SNIC (Read more).
  • August 28th 2020: Abcalis officially announces availability of anti-SARS-CoV-2 recombinant monoclonal primary antibodies (Read more).
  • July 27th 2020: The progress on establishing animal-free and reliable antibodies continues as EU policy is firming up against animal-derived antibody generation (Read more).
  • July 23rd 2020: Join Dr. Stefan Dübel, co-founder of Abcalis, on July 23rd in a webinar to learn more about how recombinant antibodies can be used to fight diseases like COVID-19 (Read more).
  • June 2020: Abcalis Multiclonals are featured in the renowned German journal BIOspektrum (Read more).
  • May 15th 2020: Abcalis is proud to be among the first companies declaring full compliance with the EU recommendations on non-animal-derived antibodies (Read more). See also comment in nature (Read more)
  • May 11th 2020: Abcalis is showcased on the German Lower Saxony Startup Map (Read more).
  • March 11th 2020: Abcalis makes the list of manufacturers of animal-free antibodies by PETA (Read more).

We are Abcalis® and we specialize in a new class of recombinant secondary antibodies for diagnostics.

Antibodies are a vital component in medical diagnostic tests. Especially secondary antibodies are used in a wide variety of immunodiagnostic assays and testing kits to either prove or disprove the presence of pathogenic antigens in patients.

Theres is just one problem: Today’s secondary antibodies are either polyclonal mixtures taken and purified directly from animal sera or monoclonal antibodies derived from hybridomas, both of which are of animal origin. 

This generates a multitude of challenges:

  • Animals are used for immunization and blood extraction through which they eventually die
  • A stark fluctuation of quality due to different animal sera and individually occurring impurities
  • Since every animal provides a unique composition of antibodies, the consequences are limited availability and no product continuity
Abcalis® solves this with a new and unique brand of secondary antibodies: Multiclonals. 
Read more below as to why our products mark true progress in the field and hence are a true innovation for antibody applications.

Abcalis® MULTICLONALS combine the best of two worlds.

Go direct to our Multiclonal secondary antibody products here.

All Abcalis® Multiclonals are produced recombinantly and can therefore benefit from the established advantages of polyclonal mixtures, while eliminating the downsides regarding long-term availability and reproducibility, antigen purification and lack of continuous product identity.

Our antibodies are selected by 2018 Nobel-Prize Winning technology Antibody Phage Display in vitro. Our process is based on know-how and libraries developed by one of its inventors, building on the experience of >25 years.

No animals are used for their production.

Check our Animal Use Statement as well as the Tech Notes about our brand new MULTICLONALS  and
Hyper-Myc antibodies below.

A revolutionary class of antibodies for diagnostics

Defined compositions with high affinity and specificity.
Highly purified by Protein A affinity chromatography.

Scalable batches and adjustable Fc-parts

Practically unlimited supply and batch sizes.
Choose the Fc-part (mouse, rabbit, human) that is best for your setup.

Sequence defined

Reproducible results forever.
Further improvement possible on request.

Animal free

No more batch-to-batch variation due to different sources.
Continuously high quality levels. Quality assurance simplified.

Check out below why our antibodies are different from animal-derived monoclonal antibodies from hybridomas.

A recent international multicentric sequencing study showed that about one third of 185 sequenced hybridoma cell lines secreted mixtures of different IgGs  with at least three different antigen binding sites, thus compromising both specificity and binding strength. Original paper: 

  • Bradbury, A.R.M. et al. (2018) When monoclonal antibodies are not monospecific: hybridomas frequently express additional functional variable regions. mAbs, 10, 539-546
    Free download of this paper

For more reasons check out our mission.

Crystal structure of a Fab fragment against Pseudomonas PAO1 FliD generated with Abcalis® technology (Postel et al.(2016) eLIFE 5:e18857.