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Abcalis has been awarded with the ECEAE Prize for animalfree antibodies. Our co-founder Dr. Esther Wenzel gladly represented us at the prize ceremony in Brussels.

Abcalis participated in a worldwide study on the efficacy of SARS-CoV-2 cross-vaccinations

Abcalis' antibody against anti-SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein S1 (RBD) binds to Omicron variant

Antibody generation & production

Antibody generation & production

Selected via phage display
Affinity maturation

Affinity maturation

Improved affinity and binding characteristics
Antibody format conversion

Antibody format conversion

Host species of choice, Fc-engineering, protein tag fusion
Naïve library generation

Naïve library generation

Representation of the complete resting state antibody repertoire

SERVICESWe find the best suitable Reagents for You

Tailor-made antibody services guarantee full
versatility and performance for your setup.

PRODUCTSHighly specific and sequence defined recombinant antibodies

An animal free recombinant antibody mix for unlimited reproducibilty.
anti-S1-protein (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta) and anti-N-protein antibodies


Portfolio of monoclonal antibodies against a variety of different targets.
Custom formats

Custom formats

Custom antibody formats for specialized and novel applications.

BENEFITSStay competitive

Abcalis® vegan antibodies and services help diagnostic companies and researchers worldwide improve the quality, reliability and continuity of their tests and experiments.

Our Customers and Partners

ADVANTAGESMaking full use of sequence defined reagents

All Abcalis® antibodies are sequence defined and thereby truly immortalized in the form of digital data. Even if all biological samples are lost, the antibodies can still be recreated.
New level of product quality
Animal-free and sustainable
Scalable batch sizes
Unlimited reproducibility
Lower risk and QC costs
Regulatory future-proof

MISSIONOver 30 Years of Experience in Phage Display Technology

Our mission is to ensure antibodies sourced from animals will become a practice of past times.
Multi-generational libraries
High-quality results
Led by expert specialists
Nobel Prize technology

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