Animal Use Statement  

Abcalis generates and produces antibodies without animal experiments. 

We achieve this by using the animal free method of in vitro selection by phage display from antibody gene libraries to generate monoclonal antibodies. Abcalis does not generate hybridomas or immunises animals.

Moreover, in our production processes in either bacteria or human cell culture, our cultivation media are free of animal derived materials, like fetal calf serum or BSA. In some tests, dry milk powder is used as a blocking reagent.

Due to their recombinant origin, Abcalis antibodies can contain animal derived protein sequences. Examples are the parts originating from genes encoding the mouse Fc, horse Fc or other Fc parts in the constant region of antibodies. The use of these constant region sequences is unavoidable to provide compatibility to the typical applications of our customers.

Abcalis did not use any laboratory animals to obtain these sequences, instead, they were either chemically synthesized based on published sequences or obtained as recombinant DNA from commercial sources.


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